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Six myths about Indian food

Many first-timers to Indian food and cuisine carry age-old thoughts (read myths) about the food of India. In the […]

Traditional Indian Food

One cannot think of India without thinking of their diverse food variety, commonly known as the Indian Cuisine. The […]

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Sooji And Veggie Squares – Suji ka Nashta – Indian Snack Recipe – Breakfast Recipes

Hi this is Rekha Kakkar from mytastycurry. Welcome to my channel We all love crispy snacks but unfortunately most of these crispy snacks are either deep-fried or cooked in some un-healthy way In today’s recipe video I am going to share with you a delicious and tasty, crispy recipe of snack which is full of veggies some creaminess with some cheese, if you want to use that and that is not deep-fried. In today’s episode I am going to make these Semolina Veggie Squares You can serve […]

Vatanyachi Patal bhaji | Dried Green Peas Curry

Hello, I am Gayatri Prabhu and Welcome back to Prabhu’s Kitchen Today, I am going to show how to realize dried light-green peas curry It’s Goan traditional Bhaji and i hope you will like it.let’s see what all ingredients we need Parts: 250 g of dried dark-green peas drenched overnight, 1 big sizing potato cut into small-time portions, 1 bowl grated coconut, 1/4 cumin seeds, 1/4 fennel seeds, 1 sun anise, 1 Green cardamom, 1 tbsp coriander seeds, 1 inch Cinnamon, 7-8 cloves, 7-8 black pepper, 1/2 […]

Regional Cuisine of India – Tasting East India

East India, with a complicated history that includes extended periods of European colonization, has actually developed cooking traditions that mirror centuries of practice and a range of cultural influences. In addition to the various societies that have been assimilated right into the cuisine of the area, the location additionally has actually influenced the advancement of the culinary practices of East India, as has the climate. Portuguese and also Spanish explorers first brought the flavors of India to widespread European usage in the 15th and also 16th centuries, […]

Indian Tandoori Cooking

Generally, tandoori meals are prepared in a tandoor, an oval shaped clay oven with a small fire in the bottom. The heat increases slowly but ultimately gets to a much higher temperature level than a barbeque. A tandoor is normally utilized to prepare naan bread, meats as well as kebabs (meat or paneer). The bread is stuck to the sides, the kebabs stood up and down as well as whole chickens rested on a grid over the fire. For domestic cooking, a tandoor is not actually practical […]

Fusion Cooking – Blended Cuisines

What do you get when you cross hot Indian food with the English love of tomatoes and all points creamy? Poultry Tikka Masala is a renowned mix of poultry tikka and also masala.Chicken tikka is a marinated item of meat cooked in a tandoor, an Indian stove made from clay and also coal-fired. Masala is sauce commonly constructed out of some type of tomato sauce or puree with lotion as well as numerous Indian spices.It is practically a moderate curry meal, though the enhancement of sometimes huge […]

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